Terms of use

1. COSER resources are freely offered to users as long as intended for teaching or research purposes, all other rights being reserved to the director and the total or partial reproduction, dissemination or transformation thereof for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. The sound files and teaching materials offered on the COSER website are protected by the laws and international conventions on intellectual property.

2. The user shall undertake to cite the available materials by identifying the locality, province and COSER code (which specifies the interview number). For example, Luzuriaga, Álava, COSER-0107-01.

3. The user undertakes to acknowledge the origin of the data in any work or activity in which sound or textual resources from COSER are used, citing this web address:

Inés Fernández-Ordóñez (dir.) (2005-): Corpus Oral y Sonoro del Español Rural. <www.corpusrural.es> [retrieval date] ISBN 978-84-616-4937-2 ISLRN 100-664-657-480-2

In this sense, we would appreciate being informed of any publication, project or research that is carried out with the resources of the COSER website, as well as receiving comments and suggestions aimed at improving it through the Cooperate with the project form.