The transcription of COSER materials reflects three types of information and each has its own conventions for indicating it:

Topics covered

Since the conversations collected in COSER deal with traditional village life, the topics covered in each of them have been marked in the transcriptions, so that they can be easily located if they are of interest to a scholar of the rural world. The topics are indicated in the data sheet at the beginning of the transcription and by a red superscript |T1| inside the transcription. The topics considered are the following:

|T1| 1. Pig slaughter (chorizo ‘spicy pork sausage’, morcilla ‘blood sausage’, ham, tocino ‘Spanish bacon’)
|T2| 2. Food (bread, oven, lard, eggs, buns, recipes, fish)
|T3| 3. Domestic animals (donkey, horse, ox, rabbit, hen, cat, dog)
|T4| 4. Household chores (water, fountain, laundry, soap, sewing, mattresses)
|T5| 5. Economy (money available, salary, standard of living, goods purchased)
|T6| 6. Agriculture (farmer, field, cereal, vegetables, kitchen garden, orchard, potato, vineyards)
|T7| 7. Livestock and stockbreeding (goat, sheep, cow, shepherd, milk, cheese, wood, bees, honey, butter)
|T8| 8. Other industries (excluding agriculture and livestock farming)
|T9| 9. Other trades (construction worker, dressmaker, etc.)
|T10| 10. Religious live (priest, church, mass)
|T11| 11. Neighbourhood life (anecdotes, worries, municipal government, police)
|T12| 12. Education (school, books, teachers)
|T13| 13. Family (contrast between generations: grandparents, children, parents)
|T14| 14. Weddings and courtships (wedding, rings, trousseau)
|T15| 15. Feast days (religious pilgrimages, local festivities, carnival)
|T16| 16. Healthcare and health (sickness, doctor, childbirth, burial)
|T17| 17. Buildings (the house, types of houses, outbuildings, infrastructures)
|T18| 18. Army and military service (militia, conscripts, war)
|T19| 19. Customs (leisure, sport, dance, children's games)
|T20| 20. Hunting, fishing and forest (firewood, non-domestic animals and plants)
|T21| 21. Trips and stays outside the locality
|T22| 22. Weather